FutureBox: DIY analog filterbox

This filterbox was made for Futurewave. It is a dual unit with 2 types of filters, in a desktop format.

- Minimoog Model D VCF, with CV in
- EMS VCS3 type VCF, with CV in
- 2 LFOs, for each filter, with speed select switch, and modulation amount
- 2 fuzz/distortion unit, for each filter, with bypass switch
- 2 preamps, with overdrive
- mixer
- filter bypass switch


My modded Minibrute is for sale

I've modded my Arturia Minibrute with 8 special output jacks, these are on the right side panel.

It's ideal for modular synthesizer central controller.

Special outputs:
  • LFO Sine waveform out
  • LFO stepped waveform out
  • VCA ADSR envelope out
  • VCF ADSR envelope out
  • Arpeggiator clock out (you can sync sequencers to it)
  • Pitch bend wheel CV out
  • Mod wheel CV out
  • Keyboard aftertouch CV

If you're interested, please check out this Ebay auction.